What's YumForAll ?

YumForAll makes it more convenient than ever to be a compassionate human being.

How does it work?


Our Food Wallet

YumForAll is powered by contributions collected on YumCrust orders--every time a meal ‘goes innocent’, a few pence or pounds are added to the YumForAll food wallet. This is where our mission really kicks off, and we’re proud to be the only food delivery platform which makes it simple, convenient and delicious for individuals to help one another through food



Everyone hits their low days, and when you do: a helping hand can make all the difference. Our platform doesn’t discriminate or require rigorous background checks--we’ve heard the skeptics, but we still believe that anyone in need of a meal should have a place to turn without feeling degraded: YumForAll will always be that delicious, nutritious option for those who need it.


Our Receivers

Every meal that goes innocent contributes fully to the YumForAll wallet, which is distributed across a select group of food donation services. These services change lives, and we help you connect directly with the great work being done through food. With our Round-Up option, we believe regular people can do immense and compassionate deeds with every order.

Supported by local restaurants, employers and regular humans.

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