What's YumClub

Rewarding good behaviour.

Join the YumClub
and receive perks for your daily good deeds.


How it Works

A little recognition can go a long way. With every purchase, every meal made innocent, every friend you bring on-board and even for signing up to our YumClub newsletter, you’ll receive Yum Points in your account. Delicious meals are reward enough, but Yum Points are our gift for good behaviour.


What your points can buy

Yum points act like pounds and pence in your account: spend them as you please. Top off an order with your Yum points balance, donate points to the YumForAll food wallet, or simply let them build and build until you can treat yourself to a full YumClub meal.


Rewards that keep on giving

More innocent meals mean more YumClub Points, which let you contribute in bigger and better ways with each meal. At YumCrust, we don’t do dull: we’ll keep you on your toes with fresh offers, deals & rewards so that your YumClub membership is something you’re proud to hold onto.

Supported by local restaurants, employers and regular humans.

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