Struggling with stay-at-home order? Join us to make #stayathome more fun and win prizes every week with #yumchallenge

As COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the world, its effects are visible not only on people suffering from the disease but also everyone else who is staying at home. In those difficult time mental health is as important as physical, and we all are exploring things to overcome isolation days. YumCrust is bringing a weekly competition with a chance for you to win £15 Amazon voucher every week and enhance your cooking skills.

How to take part in #YumChallenge?

We will be posting new food cooking challenge every Thursday on our Facebook and Instagram pages. To take part, record a video and tag it with #yumchallenge, and like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to enter the competition. The video with most likes at the end of following Tuesday will be pronounced winner.

What are the rules?

  1. You must tag your video with #YumChallenge and like us on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Any non-food video will be removed from competition
  3. Only one entry per video is allowed
  4. Any likes made after following Tuesday 23:59 GMT will not be counted