Healthiest Breakfast Ideas

Now that you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – how are you planning it every day? We all know how demanding usually the mornings are. To come up with even the simplest breakfast recipes does take a good deal of your time out of no-time at all. And, if you happen to be a parent and a dog owner, it merely adds to the hassles. Both are mega responsibilities, and you just can’t get up on one fine morning and decide to be selfish for the day. You’d instead choose to skip your own morning meal but feed your baby and the dog. However, health difficulties start showing up when one day skip becomes every day’s obligation.

It would help if you planned on starting your morning right. Here, we have tried rounding up some simple, healthy and quick breakfast ideas for you. It can be a glass of smoothie or a bacon sandwich – why not find out what could fit your busy morning schedule just right.

Make-ahead some quiche

The choices are infinite when it comes to making some breakfast quiche ahead of time. Needless to mention, with tarts, you can consider adding a variety of vegetables to kick off the day in a healthy way. Make-ahead quiches can be a delightful experience too.

Stock up the refrigerator with mini sesame zucchini loaves

These loaves come with greens, i.e. you get a single serving out of your way before kicking off the day. Just grab and eat on the way to work.

How about some smoothies! They are comfortable and quick to drink up

Smoothies have always been the most natural breakfast recipes, especially for the working ones. Whether you like kiwis, mangos, strawberries or any other berries, making a glass of smoothie for yourself won’t take much. Keep drinking it up as you prepare your kids for the school.

Consider granola

You have been on the fence to go on a weight loss diet, but just like every day, you have either skipped your morning meal or gobbled down on something not-so-healthy. Granola oats have grown becoming a popular breakfast meal in most households, because they are a go-to food with fruit, yogurt and healthy as well.

Make-ahead those favorite egg sandwiches

You need not spend much of your time in the kitchen as you wake up to make yummies for the tummy. If you aren’t much of a morning person, don’t feel odd, no one is. However, it’s the obligations that pull us down from the beds. Make-ahead egg sandwiches have always been friends in bed, and when your mornings are this super busy, prioritise the consideration.

Mornings are irreversibly busy, but you have to fit your diet regardless.