Smart Breakfast Tips

A well-balanced and healthy breakfast meal can prevent unwanted weight, however, rushed mornings or late working hours are the very reasons why many of us get inclined to skip breakfast. If you are amongst those with no time in the morning, below are some breakfast ideas that are healthy, filling, nutritious and most importantly quick:

Keep Some Energy Bars At Home, Always

This is one of the quickest approaches to maximise your stamina levels in the morning. There are, however, energy bars containing additives and preservatives; thus you are advised to prepare your own energy bars, yes you are right, at home only. Also, choose your ingredients by yourself, so you can bring variations by adding fruits, nuts, oats, dates, dried fruits, dark chocolates or anything of your choice. Now, blend it, bake and chill it. Once done with the core bar-cooking part, time to store them in airtight jars. Now, grab one or two bar(s) on your way to work.


Dicing and blending are two key steps you will have to take in making smoothies. In a food processor or in a mixer, add some fruits and milk as you are going to prepare a healthy smoothie without those additives and preservatives for the flavouring. You can now either chug it down or carry some with you to the work. Much healthier and tastier than those $7.50 Starbucks espressos, aren’t they?


Fruits are fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and antioxidants-rich. And, these are the just ingredients you need to kick-start your day off. Apples and bananas are just the right combinations for starting with the morning.


Eggs are a quick choice – fried, boiled, scrambled sunny- side up or poached – eggs serve your needs for protein just about right. There are several ways you can prepare eggs and it will surely make a hearty breakfast anyway.

Peanut Butter

Spread that peanut butter generously between two breads, and we are telling you – you are not going to feel the hunger-pangs for quite a little longer. Peanut butter helps boost energy levels even in the bitterly chilled morning of winters. Peanut has also doubled-up as a pre-exercise snack always. So, in a nutshell, it keeps you feeling full for longer.
Yum Crust, as to conclude, advises you to keep your breakfast short and quick though, but never to skip.