prepare dinner after work

What’s for dinner – A simple question that a busy you dread. Most working people feel that they have no more oil to burn in the kitchen during the week after a real juggling at work. Here, working people who finally end up cooking a meal for themselves after work have shared their secrets to energy and enthusiasm.

Plan and shop ahead of time

If you could try and take a few minutes out for mapping a meal plan on the weekends, it will really help you cut down on your stress for the weeknight meal plan. Create a list of the vegetables, meat, fish and the spices, you like and need and stick to it. This way, it is easier and more efficient for you to do shopping, even if some of your Sundays are really busy.

Preparation is key

Once all you need to cook a proper meal throughout the week are home, wash the vegetables, meat, and fish and store them in the freezer. But, make sure you have freezer bags or airtight containers already at home. Vegetables washed and chopped make it easy for you to just throw them in the pan and stir. You can also consider prepping the fruits in advance, so you find them ready to be eaten whenever you open up the fridge or sit to watch a movie.

Consider something ‘all-in-one’

If you are planning to cook on weeknights, less is always better when it comes to washing and preparing. Having a sedentary lifestyle, you often swear by one-spot pasta and sheet-pan dinners during the week. So that when you cook, you can also give your time in other activities or tasks such as winding-up some pending house chores.

Cook once and eat twice (or more times)

Most working couples, parents and individuals swear by ‘cook once and eat twice or more times’ theory. A roasted chicken can become soup or tacos and a night’s pulled pork can become the next night’s carnitas or sandwiches. Try them, and you will feel the ease.

Allow leftovers to rule

Most home-cooked meals become even tastier the next day. Stews, soups chili, and pasta sauces, all get better overnight, thus if you have cooked in a large batch without planning before, fret not because if you could preserve the leftovers just in the right manner, it will serve you better tomorrow.

Involve your family

Whenever you are running short of time, cook up a meal, which is ‘self-serve.’ Meals like tacos and baked potatoes are a comforting way to get the entire family engaged in the meal preparation. And, this will also assure that everybody has a meal that they could actually enjoy. If it’s been enough with those takeaway orders and restaurant foods for dinners, try implementing these tips. We are sure it will help.