Our mission is to make fair food distribution convenient and delicious for everyone.

Learn a little more about our story, then why not join us for the ride?

Our Story

Co-Founders Anil and Amir have worked in IT for decades between them, they know first-hand just how connected this digital world of ours can be.

However, they also noticed some striking inefficiencies like how difficult it was to get a healthy, nutritious meal delivered to your home. YumCrust began as an idea to help put delicious, home-cooked meals into the hands (and mouths) of those who needed them; since then it has grown into something much bigger.

Even in a developed country like the UK, the news of food poverty is all around us

We still find it difficult to believe that the bill for a healthy meal in a London restaurant could feed a Sub-Saharan African family for a month but we also know that food shouldn't be something we feel guilty about. YumCrust, with its emphasis on convenient compassion through features like Round-Up, is their vision for closing that gap.

Food poverty in 21st century is wrong, We are determined to change this


People reliant on food bank in UK

815 million

People undernourished globally

We have a long way to go to create the impact we want and our planet needs. We're out to create a change in culture, a movement against food poverty. Our vision is a world with no food poverty, and we won't stop until we achieve it!

Together, the mission is to leverage the technologies of the 21st century to fulfill those deep human desires we all share.

We each want to help, but when there's no easy way to do so it can be a lot to ask. The goal of YumCrust isn't to insist people go out of their way to support hunger-struck communities, it is to build a friendly option into daily behaviours:

To make fair food distribution convenient, nutritious and delicious for everyone.


Our Values


Fairness is what we strive for on a global scale. Fair food distribution for all.

Common Sense

Because good deeds, delicious food and convenient delivery aren't rocket science.

Humble-Bold Actors

We strive to be bold in our mission, while never taking the opportunity for granted.


Because sharing our humanity through food is what it's all about.

Equality Through

There shouldn't be any stigma surrounding food--whether that's giving or receiving it.

Return to Basics

A tech-based world doesn't need to be complicated. Get food on the plates that need it. Simple.


Food is at the core of the human story. We believe that story should be open to all.


Our communities are stronger, richer and healthier when local restaurants